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We are NOT a referral service and we will not compete with treatment centers who are actively fighting the disease of addiction because not only is that a conflict of interest and ethics, it is counterproductive to work against those who have a business and profession to help fight this deadly disease. Who are we and what do we do? We are a unique service that works directly with families, providers, and treatment professionals to provide certified interventionists, assistance with how the process works following the intervention, provide objective consultation and assistance in an ethical and timely manner, as well as explain the details involved, offer support during their inpatient stays, and likewise follow-up afterwards in establishing a vocational and aftercare plan nationwide. We are a "one-stop" service. We understand the disease of addiction and many of us are survivors of trauma, addiction, and mental health ourselves. We have collectively been working as mental health professionals, treatment executives, directors of a variety of treatment and dual-diagnosis facilities and likewise have been on all sides of treatment and understand the delicate balance of maintaining ethics and upholding the law. Please contact the number above to be connected to one of our professionals who can offer you a free consultation and provide a comprehensive snapshot of the services we provide. We are active professionals who work within the addiction treatment industry and have dedicated our lives to help you in this journey.  

How does this work?

It begins with a phone call for consulting services. It could be that a treatment professional has run out of options for someone that they care about, it could be a family member, friend, or loved one suffering from the disease of addiction. It could be a spouse desperate for answers as to where to start. It could be a student wondering how this process "works" or a graduate student researching "the success rates and factors involved in overcoming" this deadly disease. Either way, it starts with a phone call. Whatever the reason may be, the phone call that is made, is received by one of our caring professionals. That professional who takes  your call then gathers some information (after reading our HIPAA disclaimer) and then a no-charge 15 minute consultation begins. The consultation is designed to identify what your needs are, what your goals are, and offers you the opportunity to understand the scope of our services. After this consultation is complete, and only after your questions have been addressed, that information along with your goals is discussed with one of our licensed and experienced professionals. This is done in an effort to determine the most cost effective, timely, ethical, and legal method to begin addressing your needs. That discussion will then produce an "action plan" and the consultation fees are discussed openly. This discussion and fee schedule is something done based on the time spent and the services needed only. It is NOT based on the quality of your insurance, the money paid out based on the client's length of stay (at a treatment facility) but strictly on the time and effort taken to provide the family with consulting services. Once this plan is discussed, you decide which of those items and costs you are comfortable with and the implementation of the action plan begins. Put it this way, we do the heavy lifting. For example, if you are looking for teletherapy, we can connect you to our mental health professional & interventionist to begin the therapeutic journey and her fees would then be discussed in compliance with the highest ethical standards and practice. If it is for assistance with an intervention, vetting, and locating a treatment center (that meets your unique needs), then we can do that also. If after that the plan has been implemented and future assistance with aftercare is needed, our comprehensive service can then assist your loved one in finding low-cost assistance and community resources for an acceptable and realistic aftercare and vocational plan. Of course, the more time spent consulting and assisting with providing this valuable information, the more the cost (but we are reasonable professionals and will work closely with the people involved to find an affordable solution in reaching your goals. Whatever your unique needs are, we are here to do the "hard-part" or tedious legwork ourselves. We want to help you make this courageous journey the right way. 

Why Us?

Treatment mentors are key—that’s why when it comes to quality and who to involve in our ranks, we’re choosy. We want to give each of you the time and guidance you deserve.  Whether you’re seeking a professional alliance with the right partner or a special skillset or tool, please call us today. Together we’ll create and refine your plan for success. We didn’t get there alone. And neither will you.

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Our resume writer is a doctoral candidate with an M.B.A. (Master's Degree in Business Administration) with a vast array of professional experience within the treatment industry. She is a military veteran and former mental health professional. 

She will begin with asking you to fill out a survey which will assist her in writing you a comprehensive resume based on your needs. Included is a cover letter and resume tailored to fit your vocational goals and objectives. 

This is electronically delivered either in PDF or Word Format. 

Turn-around time is based on the needs of the customer. 

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